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Swiss Army Knife

(Jeff Ebbing, Marketing Guy - Southeastern Community College , West Burlington, IA)
So this was my week (and I am not making this up): Monday: Meet with college emergency team to deal with report of student with alleged guns in a backpack. Cops scour the campus, suspect flees to nearby mall, which immediately goes on lockdown. Helicopter moms launch f...
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From analog to digital

(Sally Cameron, Vice President, College Communications - Bristol Community College, Fall River, MA)
When I first stumbled across NCMPR in the '90s, I was a one-person shop churning out newsletters and press releases and newspaper ads and taking photos and planning events....whew. At the district conference in Portland, ME, I commiserated with fellow too-stretched coll...
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Environment of Sharing

(Eve Markman, Director of Creative Services - Community College of Philadelphia, Philadlephia, PA)
I have been all over the country to NCMPR conferences, and the thing that stands out the most to me is the environment of sharing that you find with your NCMPR colleagues. When I am faced with a new challenge at work, I reach out to my NCMPR colleagues, as I know one or...
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NCMPR: An Invaluable Tool

(Teresa Johnson, Director of Communications - Three Rivers College, POPLAR BLUFF, MO)
I feel so fortunate that in 2004, two months after I began work as Marketing Director at Three Rivers College in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, I attended a District 5 NCMPR Conference. I had spent most of my working career as a newspaper writer/editor and was feeling overwhel...
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