Professional Growth

  • National Conferences: Each March, NCMPR sponsors a national conference with keynote speakers, workshops and breakout discussions, all focusing on some of the latest trends in college marketing and PR. National conferences provide an excellent opportunity to connect with others who share your interests.

  • Regional Conferences: Each of NCMPR's seven districts offers regional conferences every year in the fall. Like the national conferences, the regional conferences feature great learning and networking opportunities, only in a smaller setting with colleagues from surrounding states.

  • Professional Development Scholarships: These help offset the cost of attending district and national conferences. They are targeted for brand-new members of NCMPR, practitioners who are new to their community college jobs, and members at colleges with restricted travel budgets.

  • Leadership Institute: This summertime learning opportunity focuses on a single hot topic of interest to community college marketing professionals. The one-and-a-half-day format gives participants a chance to totally immerse themselves in the subject matter at hand. 

  • Webinars: NCMPR webinars bring cost-effective, convenient learning opportunities right to your own desktop. Learn best practices from peers and industry pros on timely topics such as social media, marketing ROI, content management, fundraising, design, recruitment and more.

    • Members get six FREE webinars throughout the year, covering topics including events and fundraising, government relations, social media, diversity, photography, design, campus tours and much more. Renew/join in July so you don't miss out on any of the six.  

 Professional Resources 

  • Online Membership Directory: This top-rated member service helps you stay in touch with colleagues across the country. It includes the names, colleges, addresses, e-mails and phone numbers of more than 1,600 members nationwide.

  • COUNSEL: NCMPR's quarterly magazine gives you a direct link to the latest trends in college marketing and PR. Many of the articles are written by NCMPR's own members, so you gain ideas from those "in the know."

  • Online Resources: NCMPR's members-only section of the website offers reference libraries, a member-written blog, news and announcements, job postings and other resources to keep you in the loop with current news and information.

  • Networking: NCMPR gives you access to a national network of like-minded colleagues who are eager to share ideas and best practices that you can apply on your own campus. You can meet face-to-face at conferences or connect online via social media, discussion forums and topical blogs.

Professional Recognition

  • Paragons and Medallions: NCMPR's prestigious Paragon Awards recognize outstanding achievement in design and communication. It's the only national competition of its kind that honors excellence exclusively among marketing and PR professionals at two-year colleges. The Medallion Awards are similar to the Paragons and are given at the district level.

  • Communicator of the Year: One of the most celebrated awards given to an NCMPR member, this honors a two-year college marketing professional who has demonstrated special leadership in college communications. 

  • Pacesetter of the Year: This award recognizes a community college president or CEO who has demonstrated special leadership in marketing and PR. 

  • Rising Star: This award recognizes an up-and-coming communication professional who has demonstrated special creativity or ability in college marketing and PR and shows evidence of a promising future in the field.

  • D. Richard Petrizzo Career Service Award: This award honors an NCMPR professional for career accomplishments in college marketing and PR.

  • President's Award: This is among the highest distinctions given to an individual or organization that has made extraordinary contributions to the community college movement on a regional or national basis, particularly in the areas of marketing and PR.


Connecting Community College Communicators

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