2023 District 4 Rising Star

2023 District 4 Rising Star

Alex Cone
Pikes Peak State College
Colorado Springs, CO

In her brief time at Pikes Peak State College, Alex Cone has revolutionized the college’s communications approach. With unparalleled efficiency, she’s created over 100 videos, including a game-changing commercial that amassed 100,000+ views, and other projects that significantly bolstered the college’s funding. 

Before the college hired Cone, it had an idea about how an in-staff videographer would expand its capabilities. After hiring her, it’s had to expand its ambitions. Impressed by her skills and efficiency, Pikes Peak started a project to create short videos for all programs and support pages on the website, which has helped the college attract more people to enroll.

Not just a talented videographer, Cone’s journalism background equips her with impeccable storytelling skills, making her videos compelling narratives that resonate deeply. Her detail-oriented approach and collaborative spirit ensure excellence in every project. 

Along with her extensive knowledge of the industry, she stands out because of her personal and professional qualities. Cone exudes humility and kindness in everything she does. She works tirelessly to not only create beautiful videos but build bridges between marketing and other departments.

Beyond her in-house contributions, Cone is fervently involved in NCMPR. With several presentations and awards, plus her current role as District 4 conference coordinator, she continuously seeks further involvement, displaying her commitment to professional development in marketing and PR. She is also a member of the 2023-24 cohort of the Leadership Institute.

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