2021 District 4 Rising Star

2021 District 4 Rising Star

Katie Norris
Director of Public Relations & Marketing
Ozarka College
Melbourne, AR

Since starting at Ozarka College, Katie Norris has racked up a list of achievements: She’s revamped the college’s social media approach, expanding the number of platforms from two to five. She initiated Ozarka’s first geo-targeting strategy related to sponsored advertising, and she developed video shorts for the college’s technical programs to use on the website and social media. She revived the Ozarka Connection, a quarterly newsletter; implemented a multi-platform management tool to better monitor metrics and outcomes; and created new admissions templates for engagement materials. 

“The role Katie plays is a significant one,” writes Dr. Josh Wilson, Ozarka’s vice president of advancement, in Norris’s nomination. “This job requires a lot of output, and as her supervisor, I have high expectations, which she consistently exceeds.” 

Norris is easy-going and organized, with a strong work ethic. She takes a positive approach with her projects, and her attitude makes her well-liked by the subjects of her writing and photography. She has an excellent eye for images and graphics, and she’s a master at getting information out quickly and beautifully. She is determined to produce the best product to promote Ozarka 

“I fully appreciate Katie’s ability to generate high quality content at a fast pace,” Dr. Wilson writes. “Above all, Katie is caring and has a servant’s heart, which is great in any organization, but especially in a community college. She is always willing to assist a colleague or a student when they need it.”

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