2019 District 4 Rising Star

2019 District 4 Rising Star

Matt Radcliffe
Digital Strategist
Pikes Peak Community College
Colorado Springs, CO

From the moment Matt Radcliffe came to Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) in 2017, it was clear his skills extended beyond coding. Radcliffe has the ability to take several steps back, look at the larger digital strategies and figure out how to improve them.  

When Radcliffe, PPCC’s digital strategist, arrived at the college, there were over 20 Facebook pages associated with the institution. As a result, those looking for the official social media page had trouble finding it. Radcliffe embarked on a year-long process of consolidation. But he didn't just eliminate all the stray pages. Instead, he brought the individuals running the extra pages into the fold, providing training and permissions to be part of an editorial group that contributed to the main Facebook page. As a result of this social media strategy, the college has a greater reach, more engagement and a richer diversity of content.

Radcliffe took the same approach with the governance of the PPCC website, which is currently in the midst of a redesign. He spread out the responsibility for updates to more than 100 well-trained editors.  He also organized stakeholders from all areas of the college – including faculty, staff and students – to serve as integral parts of the design and implementation improvements.

“Matt's ability to include people in the process has been remarkable,” says Warren Epstein, PPCC’s executive director of marketing and communications and Radcliffe’s nominator. “It's mostly Matt's ability to listen that makes him such a great includer.”

Epstein also attributes Radcliffe’s problem solving abilities to his military background in the army. Radcliffe served two tours to Iraq and is a Bronze Star Medal recipient. During his time serving, he learned to problem solve quickly and under pressure.

Radcliffe serves as NCMPR’s District 4 assistant director and joined the district’s Executive Council in 2019. To further his professional development, he attended the 2019 NCMPR national conference and presented at the District 4 conference this fall. A University of Colorado graduate, Radcliffe is also the founder of Your Digital Strategy, where he researches topics, writes scripts, records audio and video and edits everything together.

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