2021  District 1 Communicator

2021 District 1 Communicator

Eve Markman
Executive Director of Creative Services
Community College of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA

2021  District 2 Communicator

2021 District 2 Communicator

Leia Agnew Hill
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Meridian Community College
Meridian, MS

2021  District 3 Communicator

2021 District 3 Communicator

Elly Bainbridge
Program Manager for Communications and Community Outreach
Grand Rapids Community College
Grand Rapids, MI

2021  District 4 Communicator

2021 District 4 Communicator

Kimberly G. Lessner
Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
Tyler Junior College
Tyler, TX

2021  District 5 Communicator

2021 District 5 Communicator

Crystal Hollmann
Director of Marketing
Northeast Community College
Norfolk, NE

2021  District 6 Communicator

2021 District 6 Communicator

Andrea Hanstein
Director of Communications and Strategic Partnerships
CCC California Virtual Campus
Los Altos Hills, CA

2021  District 7 Communicator

2021 District 7 Communicator

Leslie Shattuck
Executive Director of Marketing and Communications
Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Kirland, WA

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