Connect the Dots to Market Academic Programs

Connect the Dots to Market Academic Programs

Kelly Swanson, M.A., Director, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Megan Hoose, Integrated Mktg Communications Coordinator

Broadcast Date: June 5, 2019

Community colleges have a lot of academic programs to offer, and their marketing offices are often buried in a barrage of requests to promote them. Unfortunately, most don't have the financial and human resources to market every single program to ensure that classrooms are filled to capacity.

The communication professionals at HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, have devised strategies for meeting the constant demand for program promotion. With more than 100 programs at HACC, they understand the challenges, and in this 90-minute webinar, they'll share how they have been able to address faculty needs, increase enrollment applications, stay within budget and not run their human resources dry.

Duration: 1:28:37

Cost to view: $99.00

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Connecting Community College Communicators

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