Creating and Maintaining an Agile Digital Strategy

Creating and Maintaining an Agile Digital Strategy

Kathi Swanson, Ph.D., President, CLARUS Corporation

Broadcast Date: December 4, 2018

Digital has to be a major part of your college's marketing strategy. Today's current and potential community college students are online 24/7, and digital tactics are highly successful in reaching them and moving them to action. But with tight budgets and offices that are short-handed, how are you supposed to create, fine-tune and maintain a digital marketing strategy that stays in step with the rapidly changing technology?

This 90-minute webinar provides an outline for marketing professionals to use when developing a strategic digital plan to ultimately influence potential students to enroll and current students to return. Specific topics include: 1) Setting realistic, measurable goals. 2) Developing audience personas that will provide the basis of your digital strategy. 3) Exploring which digital tactics should be used at the various stages of a student's academic journey, from awareness, to consideration to decision.

Duration: 1:29:40

Cost to view: $99.00

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