Becoming Your Own Media Channel

Becoming Your Own Media Channel

Daniel Ramirez, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, South Texas College

Broadcast Date: October 30, 2018

Why isn't our event getting front-page coverage? Why doesn't the local news station highlight my program?

Sound familiar? It's always been a challenge to get the news media's attention and now, with the decline in the number of media outlets and working journalists, it's harder than ever before.

Unfortunately, the expectations of your faculty and administration aren't shrinking, which places added burden on your marketing department to get your college's news out there.

It's time to consider becoming your own news outlet. This 90-minute webinar examines how to tell your college's story in ways that not only drive traffic to your website and social channels but also make you an even more valuable asset to your local media partners.

Topics include how to set up your own online newsroom, starting with conducting an audit and then identifying goals and desired outcomes; selecting an online platform that's best suited for your college's needs; developing an editorial calendar; launching the site and getting the word out about it; monitoring results and analytics; and a "tour" of the online newsroom at South Texas College.

Duration: 1:35:28

Cost to view: $99.00

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