From Hubspot to Google Ads: Achieving Results In-House

From Hubspot to Google Ads: Achieving Results In-House

Mike Hernandez, Director, Marketing and Creative Svcs., and Sam Sottosanto, Marketing Content Specialist, Joliet Junior College

Broadcast Date: January 28, 2020

Over the past three years, Joliet Junior College has enhanced its in-house digital marketing efforts by using Google Ads and Hubspot, an inbound marketing tool that creates prospective student leads at the click of a button.

From raising college awareness to generating leads, this approach has produced impressive results -- click-through rates as high as 18% through Google Ads, more than 13,000 leads through Hubspot, and more than 1,800 completed applications in as little as one year. Best of all, this approach is inexpensive, easy to implement and gets good results without having to outsource. This 90-minute webinar provides an overview of JJC’s digital marketing journey, discusses how you can do this for your college in-house, and highlights best practices for creating your own digital marketing campaigns.


Duration: 01:29:50

Cost to view: $99.00

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