Conferences especially helpful if you're new to higher ed

January 2, 2020

Conferences especially helpful if you're new to higher ed

Professionally, this is my first experience working in higher education, and NCMPR has been a great resource for inspiration. Seeing what has worked and what has not worked for others has helped me navigate many of my projects.

Because this is my first experience in higher education, last fall was the first time I attended our area’s regional conference. I enjoyed hearing presentations from people working in positions similar to mine. We have some amazing members that bring a wealth of knowledge and experiences to the table. Being able to learn from my peers was the highlight of the conference and the part I enjoyed the most. I met and connected with so many wonderful people. The networking that took place is a true game-changer.

I look forward to attending more conferences and sharing my experiences as I continue to grow.

By David Spencer
Public Information Specialist

Northeastern Technical College
Cheraw, SC

Connecting Community College Communicators

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