Your go-to source for news and networking

December 11, 2019

Your go-to source for news and networking

We’ve gotten so used to just “Googling” that it’s easy to forget there are other sources of great information. If you are a marketing or public relations professional at a community college, NCMPR should be your go-to source. As a member you’ll find research, blogs, webinars, news, a library and even back issues of "Counsel" magazine. District and national conferences are a great way to network, learn and stay current on the latest things in our industry. I go to the site so often, I type only “n” in the search, and the site comes up.

Probably the most valuable thing about being an NCMPR member is the other members, always willing to help, share and learn with you. It’s a great organization and a great value.

By John Meineke
Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Black Hawk College
Moline, IL

Connecting Community College Communicators

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