It's Family Tradition

February 11, 2015

It's Family Tradition

To me, NCMPR is family. First, NCMPR is like family because there are the characters you find in every family... That one cousin who ALWAYS is just so perfect and gets all the awards (the one who always wins the most Medallions/Paragons). That uncle who you know will always liven up your family events (that NCMPR colleague who can always make you laugh with stories from the front lines). Your wise and wonderful grandparents (those seasoned vets who have seen it all and chuckle when NCMPR first-timers talk about their first bout of low enrollment because they TOTALLY GET IT). And the list goes on... Second, NCMPR colleagues are like family because they are always there when you need them. NCMPR colleagues step up when you need an example RFP. They are happy to listen when you have no idea how to tackle your web redesign project. They comfort you when you have been brutally attacked for not being able to buy a million dollar billboard campaign with your $25,000 marketing budget. Third, NCMPR colleagues are like family because they inherently understand what it means to be part of this family As you network in NCMPR, you quickly find that you only have to say one word to start getting nods of understanding or a soft chuckle. Higher ed is this unique community, and the marketing work we are expected to do within it is also unique. To have people who just know what it is like for you day to day is awesome. A lot of people outside this family don't know and don't care about the complexities. This is why NCMPR exists. Truly, I have come to love NCMPR and my colleagues within it like family. NCMPR has been there for me in more ways than I could ever articulate, and I am proud to know and understand this wonderful group of individuals who share higher ed marketing and public relations DNA with me.

By Erin Edlund
Director of Institutional Advancement

Minnesota State
Rosemount, MN

Connecting Community College Communicators

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