2023 District 3 Pacesetter

2023 District 3 Pacesetter

Dr. Dorey Diab
President and CEO
North Central State College
Mansfield, OH

Dr. Dorey Diab takes every opportunity to share the value of North Central State College with constituents throughout its service region. This is reflected in Dr. Diab’s personal goal: to raise the region’s educational attainment level by serving as the champion of opportunity for all, regardless of their obstacles or circumstances.

Dr. Diab, who has been NC State’s president since 2013, often accentuates his comments with relevant examples of successful NC State students, and he is always available to provide a quote or speak on behalf of the college. He has been interviewed on local radio and television shows, contributed letters to the editor of local and regional publications, and participated in podcasts to discuss the changing landscape that is higher education today. He continually looks for news and events to share via social media.

One of the most powerful messages Dr. Diab shares is his own journey, immigrating from Lebanon at 19 and learning English as a second language at a community college. His story is one of perseverance in overcoming challenges to achieving a higher standard of living and a better quality of life. He is a first-generation college student and exemplifies the opportunities education has provided him. 

He believes that in order to sustain the present and create the future of community colleges, college employees need to enhance the economic and social mobility of their students and communities. These goals can only be achieved by creating a college culture of agility, caring and nimbleness.

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