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TWO Webinars in April
(Attend both and save!)

In April, NCMPR is pleased to offer two webinars (90 minutes each in length) with Dr. Pam Cox-Otto, a popular speaker at NCMPR regional and national conferences and a 35-year veteran in the field of community college marketing and PR.

You may choose to attend one or both webinars. Sign up for both and get the second one for half off!


Webinar 1:
How to Do the Job You Love With a Target on Your Back

Tuesday, April 10
2 p.m. Eastern • 1 p.m. Central • Noon Mountain • 11 a.m. Pacific

As a marketing and communication professional at your college, you have important work to do. Telling the community college story is fun, multifaceted and creative. Unfortunately, it can also be tough at times, particularly when you become the target of criticism.

When enrollments go down, classes don’t fill or certain programs aren’t garnering enough interest from students, the marketing and communication office often gets blamed. So how do you cope? This 90-minute webinar presented by a 35-year veteran of “the good fight” offers a dose of personal and professional tips for surviving the politics on campus. Learn four critical skills you need to keep your optimism, your sanity and your job.


Webinar 2:
The Art of Persuasion

How to "Make Them Look" and How to "Make Them Act"

Tuesday, April 24
2 p.m. Eastern • 1 p.m. Central • Noon Mountain • 11 a.m. Pacific

A big part of your job as a college marketing and communication professional involves the art of persuasion – getting people to enroll, encouraging students to persist in reaching their goals, enticing people to give to the foundation, or asking lawmakers and other key constituents for their support.

Whatever the appeal, it’s important to understand that the mind is a funny thing. It’s full of traps, pits and triggers that make us freeze, or run away, or buy something, or even apply to college. This 90-minute webinar reviews old persuasion “triggers” while also revealing new ones uncovered in recent research. By understanding triggers that are hardwired in our brains, you can make people look and make them act. This is not your old persuasion class – it’s persuasion on steroids.


About the Presenter

Pamela Cox-Otto, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Interact Communications

With a wealth of experience and a willingness to do things differently, Dr. Pamela Cox-Otto takes a unique approach to college marketing. For more than 20 years, she has been developing communication strategies and infusing her clients’ campaigns with pride and personality.

Dr. Cox-Otto draws on her depth of experience and knack for finding patterns to breathe new life into two-year college marketing campaigns. She specializes in branding and image campaigns, recruitment efforts and government relations projects, and has written books on college branding and web practices. She is also an in-demand keynote speaker, covering topics from marketing and communication trends to political advocacy.



One Webinar: $150 NCMPR members
Both Webinars: $225 NCMPR members

The registration fee is a per connection fee with no limit to the number of viewers. (Pack a room full of people to get the best value!)

It does NOT include a recording of the webinar. However, participants will receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentation after the webinar.

For nonmembers, you must join NCMPR before registering for the webinar. Click on the registration button and you will be directed to the membership page.


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Registration is still open for the April 24 webinar. Pack a room full of people for the best value!