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What's It Worth to You?

Joining NCMPR may well be one of the smartest decisions you'll make to advance your career as a two-year college marketing and communications professional.

The Bottom Line: It's a Great Value!

Low Membership Fees: NCMPR has one of the lowest membership fees among the affiliate councils of the American Association of Community Colleges. What's more, you'll pay a lot less to join NCMPR than it costs to belong to other national organizations.

Networking: Some things can't be measured in dollars and cents. As a member of NCMPR, you'll meet experienced colleagues from across the country who are willing to share ideas and discuss successful marketing practices that you can apply on your own campus. You'll make lasting connections that will enrich your personal and professional life.

Cost Savings: As a member of NCMPR, you'll get discounts on national and district conference registration fees, Paragon and Medallion award entry fees, and other products and services. Your total savings can quickly add up to more than $400 a year.

NCMPR gives you a lot of bang for the buck. I work in a small shop, and we have gained countless ideas from conferences, webinars and the Listserv that we've morphed into something that works on our campus.

Kristin Kollbaum
Director of Marketing and Communications

Northwest Iowa Community College, Iowa