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District 7
Communicator of the Year

One of the most prestigious awards presented to an NCMPR member, the Communicator of the Year Award recognizes a two-year college marketing, public relations or communications professional who has demonstrated leadership in the area of college communications and marketing. Emphasis is placed on accomplishments within the past year.

The Communicator Award is presented annually in each of NCMPR's seven districts, and district winners are then considered for the national award.


2017 District 7
Communicator of the Year

Audrey Eldridge
Director of Marketing and Communication
College of Western Idaho
Nampa, Idaho

Employed at College of Western Idaho nearly since its inception in 2007, Audrey Eldridge was recently promoted to director of marketing and communications. Prior to her current role, Eldridge was the marketing manager and conceptualized, organized and executed the marketing efforts that saw CWI grow from just over 1,200 students in 2009 to 24,285 in the spring of 2017. Eldridge’s vision of the "Upgrade to You 2.0" campaign reflectively tied the college's offerings to high need career openings and the potential within each student. Her work on the college's tag line ‘Achieve More’ is laced throughout the institutional fabric. Eldridge embodies the mindset of servant leadership with always asking the question, “What is best for our students?”

Eldridge has become the ‘go-to’ authority on campus for internal communications and marketing. She is described as the kind of person who arrives to work each day ready to tackle whatever comes next. Division chairs, individual faculty, and members of the senior administration know Eldridge to be the person who carries and defends the brand, who has the vision and attention to detail that is acutely needed to keep marketing efforts fresh and effective, especially at a new institution. Eldridge approaches projects with creativity and an open mind. She believes in best practices, but also supports innovative ideas. Through her leadership, the college launched several internal communication efforts which helped to raise employee satisfaction levels more than 30% in the past two years.

Eldridge has a "work with you" leadership style with the CWI team and is dedicated to employee growth. She consistently invests in professional development for her team members, knowing those opportunities ultimately result in a better, more highly skilled employee. Through her leadership, a work study position was recently converted to a part-time digital communicator position. Eldridge extensively researched the need to shift resources toward digital communication which greatly aided the college administration in making the decision to add resources in this area.

Balancing a busy family life (Audrey and her family compete in professional rodeos throughout the West) and work life, Eldridge makes time to mentor marketing and communication students. She takes a personal interest in helping those students find projects that nurture the skills they’ll need in their future profession.

Eldridge has been a long time member with NCMPR and regularly participates and presents at district conferences and sessions. Her dedication and ability to embrace new experiences and opportunities makes her the NCMPR District 7 Communicator of the Year.




Aimee Metcalf
District 7 Director
Central Oregon Community College, OR