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2013 District 7
Communicator of the Year

Dr. Lisa Skari
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Highline Community College, WA

Ten years ago, Highline Community College hired Lisa Skari to establish the college's Institutional Advancement Division, a new organizational unit she created and integrated into the campus structure. As vice president of institutional advancement, Dr. Skari has created a strong brand and presence in the local community and has developed marketing efforts that truly convey that HCC is a college that serves the entire community.

Among her many accomplishments, Dr. Skari led the efforts to re-brand the college, which included the adoption of a new college logo and a new and fresh look to the college's marketing materials.

One of Dr. Skari's goals is to institute a "culture of evidence" within the Institutional Advancement Division, and to achieve this, she brings in external agencies to conduct research. A community perception survey to gauge the community's understanding of and sentiment toward HCC occurs every five years, and a media preferences survey to determine how best to reach students takes place every other year. The most recent survey conducted by Hebert Research in 2012 found HCC had a 92 percent awareness rating in the community, a strong top-of-mind awareness with the University of Washington, and a community rating of HCC programs that was better than other community colleges in the area (6.3 compared to 5.0 for other schools).