Welcome to District 4

Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming.


The District 4 Executive Council

Assistant District 4 Director
Melony Martinez
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
National Park College, AR
(501) 760-6410

Medallion Awards Coordinator
Stacie Sipes
Director of Marketing and Public Information
Navarro College, TX
(903) 875-7736

Conference Coordinator

Arkansas State Representative

Colorado State Representative
Fiona Lytle
Director, Public and Legislative Affairs
Colorado Community College System
(303) 595-1641

New Mexico State Representative
Donna Oracion
Executive Director, College Development
Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell
(575) 624-7403

Oklahoma State Representative
Dayna Rowe
Executive Director of External Affairs
Redlands Community College
(405) 422-1467

Texas State Representative
Sheron Bruno
Director of Communications
Houston Community College, TX
(713) 718-8404

Wyoming State Representative