Pour out your ideas and present in Lexington!

We want you to bring your expertise and winning communications strategies to this year’s District 2 conference in Lexington, Kentucky as a presenter! 

Here’s some topics we’re looking for, based on our District 2 and national NCMPR survey data. 

  • Creative field - tips, tricks and how-to's
  • Crisis communication
  • Marketing/social media strategies or wins
  • Hands-On Visual Communication tactics (show us HOW to do something!)
  • Recruitment and retention strategies for students of color
  • Advertising – data analysis converting leads into applications/apps to registrations
  • Team building and managing morale in a remote-post-COVID world
  • Branding/rebranding away from “community” college or branding for broader outreach
  • Event planning
  • Recruitment efforts

See the submission guidelines for details and submit your proposal today!


The deadline for submissions is July 10. 



  • Breakout Sessions: These sessions are 60-minutes long but prepare for 45-minutes with time for questions or dialogue. Breakouts are perfect for long-form case studies or
    presentations that use audience participation and engagement alongside full slide decks.

  • Roundtables: Roundtables are 30-minutes but you should prepare for 25-minutes with time for questions. These sessions are (obviously) shorter than Breakouts, and work
    best when you’re covering quick “how-to” subjects, brief case studies in marketing and communications wins, or some short, facilitated conversation that doesn’t need a full
    slide deck. 


Erica Marye
District 2 Director
Kentucky Community & Technical College System
(859) 256-3286
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