Executive Officers

The leadership of the NCMPR board of directors consists of the president, vice president/president-elect, secretary-treasurer, immediate past president and past president. Executive officers are elected by the board and have previously served the organization as a district director or director-at-large. 

District Directors

Each of NCMPR’s seven districts offers a leadership opportunity for members who wish to help guide activities within their district. District directors are appointed by the executive committee and may serve up to two consecutive two-year terms. District directors oversee the district's finances and membership services, including the annual district conference. District directors also assume a voting seat on the national board of directors, where they help shape organizational policy and contribute to the planning of membership programs and services. 


The national board also consists of two directors-at-large, who are appointed by the executive committee. The directors-at-large represent membership as a whole and serve a two-year term and may hold office for two consecutive terms. They also chair one of NCMPR's strategic committees: the programming committee or the diveristy, equity and inclusion committee.

Executive Director

The NCMPR executive director oversees the day-to-day operations of NCMPR and serves as a nonvoting member of the board.

2023-24 Board of Directors

Executive Board


Executive Director